Project 6014 Demo - Gameplay Part 2

For some reason, I had some serious issues recording with Fraps. The introduction slides recorded fine since there was no user interaction.  The moment I recorded gameplay, the frame rate dipped to single digits whenever sprites started moving.  I even tried using a much faster computer and the same issues occured.  Eventually I lowered the resolution to 320x480 and the frame rate was much better.  I’ll have to look into this some time later.  I’ll record the next videos without any filtering enabled.

One thing that I started to do is take notes.  I did it when I started playing Star Control II for the first time.  The artwork is really nice and the Earthling bridge looks great.  The color scheme of their uniforms is based on the ending of SC2 which shows the captain wearing a full uniform.

I talked to the Chmmr and went to Sol to find out what happened with regards to the Shofixti transmission.  The Chmmr mention their natural ability to receive hyperwave broadcasts the same way we can hear sounds.  I created a few ships in preparation for some good old fashioned space exploration.

The Project 6014 demo can be downloaded at

Also check out dczanik’s DeviantArt page.  It contains some cool Star Control art which was used in this mod.

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