TFB: Population Growing

As this year comes to a close, I felt like doing a crazy clue hunt:

  • Kept my eye on Activision's game release calendar; hasn't updated, but shows that they are releasing multi-platform versions of a few franchises and World of Warcraft Cataclysm.
  • Activision's investor page also lists the price of their stock.  As of this post, it is roughly around $12.00.
  • I skimmed through Activision's annual investor reports, which are beautifully laid out by a third-party.  Unfortunately, I do not understand these statistics.  What I do understand is that Activision is clearly making profit.  Did you know that they have the publishing rights of James Bond until 2014?
  • Re-read the news of Activision purchasing Toys for Bob back in 2005.  I learned that a Quebec studio, Beenox was also purchased by them around this time.  They worked on the PC version of Madagascar while TFB worked on the home console versions.

After skimming through plenty of text and facts, I wrote a letter to Alex Ness, our favorite TFB producer and asked how things were going.  He replied:

Hey Anthony!

We are doing great over here, albeit busy as all get out. Since releasing our last game, Madagascar 2, we have more than doubled in size!!! Our current project is gonna' be a big deal, we hope, because we are spending more time and manpower on it than ever before.

Hope it's not too cold up there and you are maybe enjoying some pre‐Christmas snow.

Take care,


Congratulations on the continued growth, TFB!  As of this moment we know it is not Star Control, not a sequel to any games they have made before and not related to any of the Dreamwork properties.  Alex previously mentioned that this game will have more of a classic TFB feel to it and is their biggest project yet.

I’ve been thinking of their unannounced project for a long time.  I decided that if I can, I will preorder it.  I don’t preorder many games but this is something I’d like to do to show my support.  Whatever this game is, I really hope it’s successful; it will show that TFB still has the magic touch and unleashing their imagination is critical to Earth’s survival.

With that said, expect many video game related surprises in the future.  Thank you Alex for taking the time to write back to me.

Activision’s game release calendar
Activision’s annual reports

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