The Lurg and Other Thoughts

Hello and happy belated new year!

I mysteriously lost my savegame for Project 6014. While I was testing out Fraps and tuning my PC to record better, I realized that the savegame was gone. I just started it anyways, so I went through the beginning and saved at the point before I began searching for the Shofixti scout that sent a distress signal.

While reading some stuff online, Elerium on the UQM forums posted a link to a video of a fan-created race in Project 6014: The Lurg.

I was surprised; there was additional voices which is awesome! The animations are nice and the color scheme and art style matches the quality of the other races during dialog. I was surprised once again when the player chose the response “You look strangely familiar. You have a face I don’t think I’d forget.” I thought to myself, “That’s the one from the original box art, isn’t it?” This alien was drawn by dczanik who also posted a high-resolution image of DeviantArt with some interesting info in the description:

The Lurg. The Lurg are intelligent parasites that burrow in and grow inside its host. The size of the Lurg is determined by the size of its host. They travel in genetically engineered organic ships bred, grown and harvested for interstellar travel. The Lurg uses 2 electrodes to stimulate the muscles to control the Prawn. While looking quite vicious, the Lurg are actually quite intelligent and master manipulators. Based upon the box art monster of Star Control 2 as seen here: I believe I'm the only person on the planet who has created fan art from the box. The alien was supposed to be another artist's interpretation of the Ur-Quan. Typical of box art of the day, it looks nothing like the game art.

The Lurg by *dczanik on deviantART         (High-Resolution)

Dczanik also has experience with 3D modelling.  Here is a HD mock-up he made of Commander Hayes:

I have been looking at tweets online of people who mention Star Control. There have been tweets about supporting a HD remake of Star Control II. With HD versions of Monkey Island, Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Beyond Good & Evil and even Call of Duty 1, there’s certainly a place for Star Control II.  However, it becomes more complicated with legal issues, TFB approval, convincing someone to publish it and having enough time for the developers to finish it and make sure it’s polished.

Thanks dczanik for sharing some information from the Lurgs; it was really fascinating and I really felt like I have seen that alien from somewhere and the fact that it’s included as a response really makes them stand out.

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dczanik’s DeviantArt
dczanik’s YouTube

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