Deko-Deko Mail

Not only is Greg Johnson the creator of games such as ToeJam & Earl and Starflight, he is also a longtime friend of Paul Reiche. They have both contributed to each other’s games, Star Control and Starflight. Greg has created a new studio called HumaNature Studios.

Their latest project is Deko-Deko Mail. It is not actually a game; it is a Facebook app that allows users to send a message to someone in the form of a flash video with a cartoon font and quirky animations. It is currently in the beta stage and more features are on the way. As of this post, the only thing that can be done is post to other people’s walls publicly.  There will be a feature to send people private messages and be able to write letters with multiple images in it.  They do have plans to create other Deko-Deko related products in the future.

It is possible to buy Facebook credits which can be turned into keys, the currency for Deko-Deko Mail. Keep in mind, the app itself is free and the user is rewarded points whenever someone’s wall is written to and when the app is opened.

For the month of March, they have donated money spent on keys towards the Japan relief effort.

I-Wei Huang

The art style is very simplistic and uses short animations to convey their subjects. The artist is I-Wei Huang, who is also a character artist for TFB. With the help of GameVision Group, they were able to create thousands of images for Deko-Deko Mail. Don’t be deceived by this art style; I-Wei is actually a highly skilled with art, animation and robotics. He has even been featured on TV:

ToeJam & Earl are in Deko-Deko Mail. They can be searched and there are the characters from the game and the logo itself. There is also a button to request new animations. Why not request Star Control and Starflight, another game that Greg made?

In conclusion, this is definitely worth checking out for any Facebook users who have been wondering what Greg Johnson and his studio has been up to during this time.  The Facebook market is definitely booming and is a popular platform for casual gamers.

Good luck to HumaNature Studios and their future success.

HumaNature Studios website
I-Wei Huang’s website

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