Paul Reiche Interview on CVG

“22 years ago, we founded Toys for Bob, Fred ford and myself; making Star Control 1 and 2, science fiction games, which to this day, have a bizarrely-dedicated fan following and we promise someday, we will make the real sequel.”
‐ Paul Reiche, interview, October 7 2011

Here is an interview that Paul Reiche had with CVG, a popular video game website. He briefly describes what Toys for Bob is about, mentioning facts such as having “90-100 employees” depending on production, working on “one game at a time” and spending “two and a half years” working on Skylanders.

He also mentioned how Activision asked TFB to completely recreate the Spyro franchise and create an entirely new game. It’s now just under a week until the game’s official release date, October 16. I’m not sure how the game will be reviewed. I think Activision is definitely taking this seriously. It’s definitely serious competition to other video game franchises geared towards younger audiences such as Pokémon and other games that utilize RPG elements or collecting in general. The interviews are very brief and are definitely worth checking out.

I have no idea what they’re going to work on next and I’m sure I’ll be just as surprised if not more than the day Skylanders was announced.

One thing that still surprises me is that Activision is treating this differently than any other kid’s game. They could have just told TFB to work on a normal Spyro game without the Skylanders elements and pump out another sequel next year. However, they allowed TFB to have more control over the project and make something more unique.

Do you think Skylanders will become the next game that Activision will be publishing sequels for years? Will this peripheral-based game surpass the success of Guitar Hero?

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