TFB's New Intro

Their new intro seen in Skylanders.

(Video removed)
Their former intro. In Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, the intro is slightly longer with the Ur-Quan theme is playing before the Orz theme.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, TFB has updated their intro video and website to reflect their most recent game, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The video is made using stop motion techniques. The toy that is shown in this video is called Trigger Happy. His guns shoot coins, which may or may not be a reference to pirates who would stick any metallic objects in their blunderbuss, ranging from nails to valuable doubloons.

Check out the video and the links below.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it’s safe to say that Skylanders will be successful in ratings and sales to its younger demographic. The relationship between TFB and Activision has strengthened and they’ll have more games to work on for many years to come.

If they’re next games is not a Skylanders sequel, could it be a game geared towards an older audience? What do you think?

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