Gamasutra Interviews Paul Reiche

“It’s the most rewarding project we’ve worked on since Star Control.”
‐ Paul Reiche, Gamasutra - “Toys For Bob’s Rewarding Skylanders Flight” by Leigh Alexander

TFB seems to be getting more time in the spotlight since the release of Skylanders. Leigh Alexander quotes Reiche on topics such as how I-Wei Huang collaborated with other co-workers to create the technology behind the toys and the fact that he had the idea of mixing physical toys and video games before Skylanders. He also mentions that the toys have from “30 to 60 paint operations” and surpassed quality standards.

It’s awesome that Paul mentioned Star Control in the article. Check out the article.

Even if we don’t see a new Star Control game next, do you think they’ll make games with all the TFB goodness we all know and love that made Star Control awesome?

Gamasutra - News - Toys For Bob’s Rewarding Skylanders Flight

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