Project 6014 - The Syreen

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In the spirit of commercialism, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! :D

The video above shows another new feature in 6014: Different comm images. The faces are different when the player encounters different ships in the Syreen homeworld and the comm images are a completely different set for the space station and the homeworld itself. This effect is also used for the Earthlings as well.

It’s a really nice effect because it shows the player that he or she is communicating with different people. Many games today use a similar swapping method for making characters look unique.

I read in the forums that the Slylandro are in 6014, but I haven’t encountered them myself yet. I’ll have to do more hyperspace exploring to see if I can bump into them.

Stay tuned for more upcoming videos. What do you think of the Syreen in HD?

Project 6014 website

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