Mike Matei from Cinemassacre Reviews Pandemonium!

“Overall, the level design is where the game shines. The game designers [Toys for Bob] did an amazing job putting a new spin on stages that could have been easily been ‘run of the mill’. To put it simply, this game is just fun. I did get frustrated here amd there, but that’s how you know, because it’s providing you with a real challenge. If you’re a fan of platform games, then give Pandemonium a chance for its inspired level design.”

Mike Matei

Check out this review of Pandemonium, a game created by Toys for Bob while working for Crystal Dynamics. Other TFB created for Crystal Dynamics include The Horde and of course, Star Control II.

Mike Matei is a producer at Cinemassacre, the studio that brought us the Angry Video Game Nerd, starring Mike’s longtime friend, James Rolfe. Mike is a big part in setting up each episode and is responsible for the title cards of each episode; some of his art has been auctioned on eBay. He has also appeared in the show as various characters such as The Joker in the Batman review. In addition, he also creates videos about video game tips, glitches and reviews of obscure video games.

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Pandemonium! PS1 Review by Mike Matei
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