An Announcement

I know that I’ve been sharing a lot of user-generated content lately and I wanted to let everyone know that I plan of doing other things with this blog as well.  I’m still using a portion of my spare time to start working on reflections on events that are related to Star Control, and making sure that it will be concise this time.

If anyone notices the videos and images not showing up as much as it used to, it doesn’t mean that Star Controller is gone.  I just want to find other things I can show on the blog and find new ways of conveying the message “Don’t give up on the future of Star Control”.

Amiga Nut's 3D Utwig Jugger

I was looking at the videos and images I share, and I couldn't believe it when I missed Amiga Nut's spinning Utwig Jugger that animates smoothly.  It can be fairly hypnotic if you stare at it long enough.

Nice work, Amiga Nut.

Star Control: Fall of the Milieu (Chapter 1)

Roberto Aguirre Maturana made three videos of the war between the Sentient Milieu and the Dnyarri.  As fan base, this is by no means 100% canon to the Star Control universe and it’s nice to see some more fan videos dedicated to Star Control.  It’s cool that fans are trying to fill in story gaps of Star Control with their imagination.

Although there’s no official answer showing what any of these races actually look like, Roberto’s art style and choice of shapes and textures for the aliens continue the trend of unique-looking races without the generic humanoid body with different skin, eyes, horns, and voice.

Nice work, Roberto.

Alpha Tucanae Members - Power Strike

UBCForce shows how to destroy an Ur-Quan Dreadnought and a Kohr-Ah Marauder with a single Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger, being left with only a single crew member at the end.  He uses his high speed and turning radius to stay far away to avoid their projectiles and move in for the kill to land some damage.  Since the Marauder loses so much energy from firing its spinning blades, it cannot unleash its Fiery Ring of Inevitable and Eternal Destruction (e.g. F.R.I.E.D.) fast enough to shake off the Stinger.  The Dreadnought’s fusion doesn’t move far enough to damage the distant Stinger, and the Stinger’s speed allows it to stay away from their fighters and take down a few at the time.  When the opponent’s energy is low and not able to line up a shot fast enough, the Stinger can swoop in, and slash with its tongue attack, then evade to recharge those batteries.

Thanks, UBCForce.

Yehat vs Mycon - 3D Animated

(Video removed)

This is one of Slylendro’s videos of a 3D battle, complete with epic music and sound effects.

Keep in mind that Mycon Podships are ancient Precursor planet terraformers with powerful blasts capable of burning a planet’s surface, rendering it unlivable.  So, the fact that the Podships are much larger compared to the Terminators makes sense.

Nice work, Slylendro.

Androsynth + Physics2D Engine

Physics2D is an open source rigid body physics engine written in C#.  Basically, it determines how objects are affected by gravity and how they should behave if objects are connected to one another.  Pre-made engines save countless hours of coding and gives the programmers more time to concentrate on the content of the game itself.

BioSlayer decided to take this engine and add the Androsynth Guardians into the mix and toss them all over the place.  Although this isn’t actually a game itself, it’s still entertaining to look at and can be hypnotic if someone stares at it long enough.

Nice work, BioSlayer.

Let's Play Ur-Quan Masters

(Video removed)

Redpowervan has been creating a series of Let’s Play videos.

They style of Let’s Play is fairly popular in YouTube for gamers. It involves the player recording themselves playing the game, and they narrate their thoughts, actions, and their strategies towards what they are doing in the game.

Redpowervan talks to the Zoq Fot Pik about Frungy, the sport that nobody really knows about except the gods Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford. He also obtains the Hyperwave Caster and gets fuel from Melnorme Trademaster Greenish. He then makes his way to Alpha Pavonis.

I can’t wait to see more videos. His commentary is very nice and shows that he understands the story of Star Control.

Thanks Redpowervan.

Ur-Quan Masters Planet Music - Rainbow Worlds

UBCForce brings us another video featuring rainbow worlds and its music.

Rainbow worlds are planets which produce a “rainbow-like image” and have a large amount of valuable minerals.  When a player discovers a rainbow world, the player can tell the Melnorme to receive 500 credits.  There are 10 rainbow worlds located in the game, and if the points are joined together, they form a triangular shape where Groombridge is the tip of this triangle.

The player can find these worlds by chance or through character dialog who mention the strange things they find in space.

Thanks UBCForce for these videos.

More info: UQM Wiki

Star Control II Voices in Japanese

When Crystal Dynamics published Star Control II for the 3DO, they also decided to have it released in Japan with its text and speech translated.

It is fairly difficult to have a Japanese version of Star Control II today since most copies are in Japan and ordering something internationally can be fairly expensive.  I remember bidding on an unopened Japanese Star Control II game, only to be beaten by someone who was willing to pay over $50 for it, not including shipping.

Thanks ZarlaSheenaza for taking the time to record this and adding English subtitles.

Easy Targets for VUX Intruder

UBCForce shows us four starships that are vulnerable to the VUX Intruder:  The Kohr-Ah Marauder, Yehat Terminator, Melnorme Trader and the Utwig Jugger.

What each of these four ships have in common is that they are have slow movement and have no energy-efficient way of defending themselves against the VUX’s limpet cocoons.  Also, their laser is very deadly and can take down nearly any ship that is unlucky to be facing the wrong direction and unable to evade quickly enough.

Thanks UBCForce.