Spore - VUX City

ZarlaSheenaza has been playing Spore for a while, and made a bunch of interesting creatures.  One of these creatures is the VUX, one of the members of the Hierarchy Battle Thralls.  The VUX are well known for their hatred of earthlings (e.g. us) for their sheer ugliness.

She did a good job at making the transition from 2D pixelated images to 3D Spore creatures.  The way the VUX walk reminds me of the way dinosaurs walked in Jurassic Park.  I think it’s funny how the VUX are wearing pirate hats in the video.

Zarla also has a DeviantArt page, which has some Star Control drawings which are worth having a look at.

Thanks ZarlaSheenaza.

P.S. I know I shared a bunch of Spore related stuff lately, and I have many other things that I can blog about, which will start showing up soon once I get the time, so Star Controller won’t turn into an exclusive Spore fansite.  It’s cool that people are taking the Star Control aliens and placing them into the game, and the way the move around can be funny sometimes.

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