Take The Ur-Quan Quiz

Futoku posted a quiz that asks 19 questions and tells which species best represents you based on your answers.

Check it out!

After I went through the quiz, it told me that I am an Orz:

"25 Businesslike, 48 Careful, 25 Environmental, 56 Friendly, 64 Intellectual, 50 Humour, 65 Open, 58 Oppressive, 39 Violent and 25 Mysterious!

The Orz are — is — an alien species, or perhaps projection of an extradimensional entity.

You appear as a gill‐breather to others, resembling a yellow parrotfish with eyestalks, though it is not known if this is your actual true form..."
‐ The Ur‐Quan Quiz

The questions and multiple choice answers are very interesting.  The choices available are based on different personalities of each alien.  Some examples include “happy camper” and “Hey! Bird-brains! Got any fruit loops? Har-har-har!”  It’s really cool and sometimes I feel like choosing the funniest answer more than the one that best represents me.

Thanks Futoku for taking the time to make this.

So, which species represents you?

More info: The Ur-Quan Quiz

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