Thraddash Remix

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MesarBobo brings us this really cool remix to the Thraddash theme made by Bryce Coulson.  This version has a faster tempo and has an electronic trance vibe to it.

"I loved the music for Star Control 2 so much that I could not resist making these remixes. I hope you enjoy them too."
- Bryce Coulson

I wish I could make music like this.  I have an acoustic and electric guitar and I don’t know how to play either.  I can strum chords and play some scales, but don’t expect me to rock out or anything.  I play better in Guitar Hero than I do with a real one.  I also have a Korg Kaossilator which I love making random loops with whenever I’m bored.  With the heavy workload from my final years of college, I had to put my guitar lessons aside and start studying.  As of right now, I have paid off all my debts, so after I graduate, I owe nobody money.  In conclusion, I have no strong musical background and I think it’s great that people are getting into music, and it’s even cooler to see people like The Precursors and MesarBobo remix the Star Control II soundtrack.

Thank you Bryce for taking the time to make this remix and to MesarBobo for uploading it to YouTube.

Click here to download: sc2_thraddash_remix

EDIT: Revised post to give proper credit to Bryce Coulson.

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