Star Control

I was looking through the PC Games section of, when I found an article titled “The Wednesday 10: Franchises We Want Resurrected”.

"It's not unusual to be reflective at the end of the year. As the IGN team looks back, we realize just how many games we would've loved to see, but didn't, in 2008. We all have games that we adored playing years ago, and there are plenty of franchises that we'd love to see resurrected. So, we came up with a list of games that we think deserve to come back. In fact, in some cases we demand it."
- IGN PC Team

As I read down the list, they listed the first Star Control game as #4 and had plenty of good things to say about it:

"With a title like Star Control: Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict, Volume IV, you had your first hint that this was a special game, and it was. With its colorful universe and superb combat system, Star Control and its sequel burrowed a place in many gamers' hearts. Based on Spacewar!, one of the earliest computer games ever made, Star Control let you participate in an interstellar war where you commanded a starship. What made the game great was the design system, which let you customize your starship's components. Star Control II introduced space exploration, as you had to explore alien worlds as well as interact with a wide range of alien species. Star Control let you feel like you were exploring an incredible galaxy full of both danger and wonder."
- IGN PC Team

The reason why Star Control has the subtitle “Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict, Volume IV” is explained by Fred Ford:

"Yes, we were just giving ourselves plenty of elbow room to torture you guys with sequels and prequels."
- Fred Ford

This is actually an ingenius idea because the Star Control series still has many unanswered questions which can be only be answered by true Star Control games made by TFB.

It’s great that there are people working at IGN who love Star Control and were able to put it on the list.  Ever since Alex mentioned wanting to make a new Star Control with Activision in 2006, people have been written thousands of fan letters supporting the sequel.  As of this writing, there are no new updates on the TFB website, so I’m still crossing my fingers for good news in the future.  IGN is a popular video game website and by placing Star Control very close to the top of the list, it might grab Activision’s attention and show that it’s not just the UQM community that wants to see a new Star Control game.  There’s more fans out there!

A special thanks to the IGN PC Team for including Star Control.  You can read the full article here.

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