Ur-Quan Masters Let's Play 27 - The Yehat

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Redpowervan continues his Let’s Play series of the Ur-Quan masters.  He takes the Starship Jefferson to Yehat territory, who reveal that they have sided with the Ur-Quan.  They tell him the coordinates of a shattered world the Mycons are occupying.  The shatter worlds are a result of the Mycon’s mysterious terraforming process.

The voice of the Mycon is none other than the TFB kingpin himself, Paul Reiche III.  He is also the voice of the Talking Pet.

There is also a feature in UQM that has been implemented in UQM 0.5.0 that many people are not aware of:

"The Starmap is searchable! Type / then the beginning of the constellation name, and you can tab through all possible completions."
- SC2 Sourceforge, What's New

I didn’t know that this was possible until I finished the game and I started to browse the SC2 Sourceforge page and I came across it.  Although, the player still has to remember the name of the actual constellation for this to be useful.  I still remember having a pen and paper on my desk with coordinates and having the Ultronomicon Wiki open when I was playing, just so that I can remember what everything was.

Thanks for continuing the videos Redpowervan.

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