That Ur-Quan Master

It’s finally here and on time.  The first page of Eth’s “That Ur-Quan Master”.  This is not a solo comic; Eth worked with Jesse Dew, who provided penciling and inking for the comic.

Each page is a continuation of a story of a Dreadnought captain during the Ur-Quan Conflict before Star Control II.

In my previous post, I wondered what the Ur-Quan is holding in its tentacles.  When I read the first page of TUQM, it hit me:  It’s the scepter that the Ur-Quan holds in the tiny animation frames during melee combat in Star Control.  When the player launches fighters, it quickly holds the scepter horizontally with two tentacles.

The scepter gets swapped with a buzzing pink wand device that confuses the Ur-Quan captain, resulting in not being able to launch a fighter.  It’s an interesting idea that the scepter could be used to directly control Ur-Quan fighters instead of just representing a symbol of authority.

Announcing a new weekly SC‐related webcomic: That Ur‐Quan Master by Ethan Fleischer and Jesse Dew.  Follow the story of the lowest‐ranked battle thralls aboard a Dreadnought during the Ur‐Quan Conflict.

A.  Fascinating alien cuisine.
B.  Practical jokes perpetrated against the most dangerous sentient species known.
C.  Substance abuse among the stars.  And,
D.  A plethora of absurd haberdashery.
‐ Eth

If anyone is curious about what “a plethora of absurd haberdashery” is , it is an excessive amount of sewing materials such as threads, needles and buttons. :D

Add That Ur-Quan Master to your bookmarks and check the website next week to see what happens next. Keep up the good work, Eth and Jesse.

That Ur-Quan Master
SCDB: That Ur-Quan Master #1
New Star Control Webcomic: That Ur-Quan Master

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