Star Control II, Wii Edition

Note: Running homebrew software on your Wii is not supported by Nintendo. Please read the latest documentation before attempting to do so.

There have been discussions before about porting Star Control II to the Wii through WiiWare.  Unfortunately, Nintendo restricts WiiWare titles to a maximum size of 40 MB.  Therefore, it would not be easy to pack in the remixes and hours of dialogue into that small size.  Helix was able to compress 26 songs using an unnamed algorithm.  The developers claim they were able to fit over double the amount of songs they wanted.  Unfortunately, 26 songs and hours of spoken dialog are two different things.

I have played with the current build of Wii UQM and I am impressed with what I have seen so far.  Other than a few minor issues, it’s a really awesome start to a port that people have been thinking of for a while.  It’s definitely a big step in the name of console ports, even though it doesn’t have Nintendo’s seal of approval.

Since I have a widescreen television, I had to install the “black borders” patch, to prevent the screen from being cut off. If you’ve got your Wii set for homebrew, check it out. Other than that, it’s just like the PC version.

Thank you Zared for working hard on the Wii port and keep up the good work and to Scott for recording some gameplay on his TV.

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