Did you know? Slylandro

I remember I was playing UQM a few years ago, I was collecting minerals from various star systems and I noticed that there was a Slylandro Probe orbiting a planet.  I’ve different ships orbiting planets such as the Orz, but never a Slylandro Probe up to this point.  I was surprised by this, so I looked on the UQM forums and noticed that someone else started a topic about it.  Serge had this to say about this new discovery:

It was in the original game code, but due to a bug it was never activated. We merely fixed the bug.
And I think the Slylandro are supposed to be somewhat annoying, so that you go do something about them.
‐ Serge van den Boom (meep‐eep)

According to the Bug report, there was a condition that was placed in one of the functions in the source code which prevented the Slylandro from appearing in star systems.  This was fixed and updated October 6 2005.

The Slylandro Probe is a very interesting ship; it is constantly in motion and cannot stop, unlike the Arilou Skiff, which is the exact opposite.  Its crew is not affected by the Syreen song and can destroy the Penetrator before it got a chance to deal significant damage with its particle beam stiletto.  Also, according to the Slylandro, the Probe also has the ability to fire missiles, which is never used in the game itself since the Probes code had it break down materials with its lightning bolts as the highest priority.

And now you know. :D

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