Dark Quadrant

A while ago, I received an e-mail from Mike Renwick about a mobile game he is working on with a friend for the iPhone.  It is a space combat game that is inspired by Star Control II.  It is currently a work in progress and shows a lot of promise.

Kohr-Ah Marauder used as a placeholder ship

It is powered by the Unity engine.  With the success of iPhone and the iPad, it really makes me consider getting one of these products to experience first-hand how strong Apple really is in the mobile market.

One cool thing he did was used a third-party service to turn one of his 3D models into a physical form.  Maybe we can turn those 3D models and images and turn them into those physical 3D forms we always dreamed of.

It’s another example that the science fiction and space combat is not dead.  If the Dark Quadrant is successful, maybe we can expect a sequel in the future.

Check out the Dark Quadrant blog.  Thanks Mike for taking the time to write to me about this.

EDIT: Made a revision and added a like to Mike’s Twitter.

Mike Renwick’s Twitter (@runonthespot)

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