End of 2010 Thoughts

We are getting closer to 2011 with lots of gaming surprises coming up.  Before the year ended, I wanted to create a quick video showing off the easter eggs in ToysForBob.com.  The photo gallery is my favorite one.  There button for jobs just redirects to the jobs page on Activision’s Taleo site so there’s no easter eggs there.  The list of random links for the “Don’t Push” button can be seen at http://toysforbob.com/randomlinks.xml

Eth posted a nice cartoon of an Umgah, Ilwrath and Spathi caroling, which is hilarious.

There were also some Star Control cartoons from Saria for the 12 days of Christmas. They are really cool, colorful and make great use of some quirks from the plot to add to its humour.

Captain talking to Slylandro Probe by Saria
Captain talking to Slylandro Probe by Saria

There’s one more thing we’ll have to cross our TFB guesslist: Their current project probably will not be released this year.  I remember last year, I was under the impression that their current project would be released just before the holidays like Madagascar 2 was.  Well, if TFB is continuing to grow and work on this game, then their project is continuing to grow and evolve.  With regards to Activision, the legal aftermath of Modern Warfare 2 continues to shine in the spotlight and I’m very curious about how this would affect future contracts with developers.  Video game politics always surprise and confuse me at the same time.

With that in mind, I’m hoping for the best in 2011 and I’d like to wish everyone happy hollidays and a happy new year!

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