Matt Chat 96: Part 2 of Paul Reiche & Fred Ford Interview

Matt shows us part 2 of his interview with Paul Reiche and Fred Ford.  Here, they discuss things such as Archon, Free Fall Associates (now Free Fall Games), the formation of Toys for Bob and Star Control itself.

I had no idea those Pkunk insults were voiced by Fred.  I find the history funny.  Despite their disagreements at that time, they found a way to vent that anger and turn it into something that could be used into Star Control II.  They managed to do this while maintaining an E rating by the ESRB. :D

I’ve seen links to these interviews spreading around in other blogs and forums and I’m glad that it’s reaching out to people, even people who don’t know much about Star Control.  Paul and Fred show how passionate they are as gamers and designers.  This could be a possible inspiration for other developers to take the time to take part in lengthy interviews for their fans.  Having passion for a career is crucial to surviving in this economy, in addition to education, skills and connections.

Part 3 of this interview will be coming soon and I can’t wait to see what else Matt will talk about with the TFB gods.  Please, spread around these interviews.  I know Matt has done other interviews and I’ll add those to my list of things to watch whenever I get the time.  Extra thanks for providing a direct link for downloading these interviews in MP4 format.

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