Matt Chat 97: The Horde and More with Fred Ford and Paul Reiche

Matt has uploaded the third and final part of his interview with Paul Reiche and Fred Ford.

Here they discuss things such as abandonware, The Horde and Little Witching Mischiefs, probably their least-known title with a strange development history.

While Paul was talking about the language barriers they encountered while developing this game, it made me wonder if the company that translated Star Control II to Japanese dealt with similar barriers.

And Paul Reiche mentioned a few brief thoughts about how he would approach a Star Control II sequel:

"Let's call it Star Control Returns"

"This would be a game for people who like Star Control II and who wanted to continue that experience.  So,I think we'd pick up pretty to close where the story ends and keep enough of the races and ships that you'd feel familiar and then introduce as the game goes on, the new races."

"I still want to know what the Druuge are up to.  I mean our technology has changed so much since that time that the game has to reflect the fact that people are walking around with way more advanced computers in their hands than we imagined people owning 200 years from now.  The whole issue about movies would be different 15 years ago if people had cell phones; entire movie plots would just start falling apart.  I think we'll have to reflect the change in our understanding of technology."

‐ Paul Reiche III in response of Cameron Goble's question "How much of Star Control II will you bring back that game [Star Control III] and how much will be brand new?

Interesting how Paul mentioned that movie plots from 15 years ago would fall apart if cell phones were commonplace like they are now. College Humor made a couple of skits about this.

Paul and Fred’s closing statements include “Stay in school and don’t do drugs”,  “have a good time”, “cut each other some slack”, “hopefully we’ll be here again in a few years”, “hopefully we’ll be talking about how much people love the new Star Control”.

It raises my hopes about a new Star Control game.  However my older writings about video game politics still linger in my mind.  I hope that TFB’s relationship with Activision continues to grow to allow them to work on Star Control Returns.

And that’s the conclusion to Matt’s interview; an hour of awesome insight from the Star Control gods themselves.  Passing the one-hour mark, it’s definitely a great contribution to the fanbase and lots of information.

Thanks Matt, Paul and Fred for taking the time to arrange the interview and to Cameron Goble for contributing his question.  I cannot stress how awesome this is.  Please, go to YouTube and give these three videos a thumbs up to help promote the videos and get more views.

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