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Greg Johnson is the creative genius behind games such as ToeJam & Earl and Starflight. He is also a longtime friend of Paul Reiche and he provided the voice for the Utwig in the 3DO version of Star Control II which can also be heard in the SC2 re-release, The Ur-Quan Masters.

Greg formed a new studio called HumaNature Studios which has released a Facebook app called Deko-Deko Mail. It can send personalized messages to other Facebook users with a distinctive hand-drawn art style, and can be embedded in websites. HumaNature’s latest Deko-Deko release is Deko-Deko Quiz. Its design reminds me of a fortune cookie because it shows auto-generated text describing my personality based on my answers. The questions from this quiz are easy to understand, short and shows pictures as choices rather than text. For example, the user may be asked which robot represents his or her inner self. If your friends answer the same questions, answers can be compared. I have seen other apps that quiz users and compare answers with friends and this one isby far the most artsy and creative. I’m not just thinking about words; suddenly, I’m thinking about how things are being portrayed in drawings of food, robots, dinosaurs, cars, plants, space, funny hats, etc. In addition, the key currency in Deko-Deko Mail and Quiz are shared across both apps. The keys can be used for inputting more pictures into text; it’s a way of encouraging people to share the apps with a special currency.

For Facebook users, this is definitely worth checking out. New quizzes are sent out each day. What do the quizzes say about your personality? Links
Deko-Deko Mail
HumaNature Studios

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