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Thirty Flights of Loving is the sequel to Blendo Games’ previous game, Gravity Bone. Both games play like a short story where the player is guided on a path, examining different environments and going through a mission. It is a very unique concept and each game can be completed around 15 minutes.

Both games received high ratings and were praised for its simplicity, pacing, variety, quirky humor and colorful blocky visuals.

At first, when I looked at these games, I assumed that it was powered by either the Source engine or some kind of in-house designed code that could render low-polygon objects quickly. However, I realized that this game uses the KMQuake II engine, which is an extended version of Id Tech 2, which powered Quake II, which was released 1992.

What does this have to do with Star Control?

While the game itself has no connection to Star Control, Chris Remo provided the music for this game. Back in 2006, Chris also interviewed Paul Reiche during the release of Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam. Concluding this interview, Chris asked Paul about Star Control and the chances of a possible sequel.

I wrote an article back in 2008 about about Chris Remo’s reply about what he thinks about Star Control, the space exploration genre in general and how it can be successful, despite heavy-hitters such as Call of Duty. Definitely check it out. It was written at a time before I started throwing around the term “video game politics”.


Thirty Flights of Loving is an independent first-person short story that was funded with Kickstarter. It is the sequel to Gravity Bone, which can be downloaded for free. I’m glad to see that independent games continue to get time in the spotlight. Chris Remo provided the music for Thirty Flights of Loving. In addition, Chris maintains the Idle Thumbs podcast and works as a community manager/writer at Double Fine. He is the co-writer of DF’s upcoming game, The Cave, which has also been successfully funded through Kickstarter.

Chris Remo has been active in the gaming industry for eight years and I wish him continued success in the future.

Thirty Flights of Loving is an example that it’s possible to create a game that does not necessarily have to re-invent gaming or use the latest in technology in order to be good.

What do you think about Thirty Flights of Loving?

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