Skylanders Success Skyrocketing!

I was wondering when they would come up with their own Pokerap…

It’s no secret that Skylanders has been a big hit, financially and critically. What is different now is that a dollar amount has been given in the news, representing how much money has been made in US retail sales alone:

“The United States loves Skylanders to the tune of a whopping $500 million of retail sales, as announced by Activision this morning. Based on recently released NPD data, US boys and girls (and US older boys and girls) can’t get enough of the action-RPG games and those oh-so-lucrative accessory packs and figures.”

‐ Sinan Kubba, “Skylanders franchise up to $500 million retail sales in the US alone”,

“…according to data from the NPD Group, the Skylanders franchise crossed $500 million in retail sales in the U.S., inclusive of accessory packs and figures, and reached this milestone faster than any other kids’ gaming property”

‐ Activision Press Release

In conclusion, Toys for Bob made quite the impression to Activision with this game. I had no idea it would have been so successful. It’s quite a long way from Madagascar and Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, isn’t it? With Activision’s current track record, Skylanders 3 is definitely coming. I’m 95% certain that TFB will be making a Skylander’s sequel.

Activision took a risk with TFB’s concept of smart toys, and gave them more development time to polish the game. In doing so, something new and interesting was made and it impressed adults and children. Had it not been for the toys, it probably would have been labelled as a “generic hack n’ slash” game. Maybe this success can lead to Activision taking another risk with TFB’s genius and expertise with a new Star Control someday.

When TFB makes their announcements, how surprised do you think you will be?

Joystiq - Skylanders franchise up to $500 million retail sales in the US alone

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