Let's Play The Ur-Quan Masters HD Part 1

I recorded the first 30 minutes of myself playing through the beginning of the game. I met with Commander Hayes, powered up his space station, defeated an Ilwrath avenger and got Fwiffo to join my crew.

I didn’t record any commentary for this one. I was eating nachos the whole time, so I wouldn’t have much to say anyways. I hope to upload more videos soon.

Recording UQM at 1280x960 with Fraps is tricky. For some reason it doesn’t recognize that size but 1024x768 is fine, but is not available in UQM. I had to set Fraps to record Aero Desktop, effectively recording everything, even sounds that happen outside the game. So I close anything that could potentially give a notification sound during gameplay.

I saw a speedrun of the entire game in 35 minutes. I’ll try not to get stuck for too long or spend too much time mining.

Watch the video in HD to see the detail of the hi-res images.

Download Ur-Quan Masters HD
Star Control II (DOS) Speedrun - Part 1

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