Let's Play Ur-Quan Masters #22 - Slylandro Continued

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This is the newest episode of redpowervan’s Let’s Play Ur-Quan Masters.  He meets up with the Slylandro and tells them that their Probes are wreaking havoc.

Did you know that the Slylandro Probe is the only ship in Star Control that is immune to the Syreen Song?  Because of this and the fact that the Syreen Penetrator’s weak particle beam stiletto blasts, it doesn’t stand a chance against the fast tumbling probe with its lightning strike.  The Probe’s crew points are colored grey instead of usual green to indicate that these crew points are different from the other ships.

It’s also worth noting that the Slylandro Probe’s voice was made using a Macintosh Quadra 840AV computer and a text-to-speech program.

Thanks, redpowervan.  Keep the videos coming. :D

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