Calling All Europeans

A few days ago, Arianna Reiche (daughter of the great Paul Reiche), posted on the UQM forums asking fans in Europe what their favorite gaming blogs and websites are.  She stated that it is for “VERY exciting research purposes”:

Hi all

This is very cheeky but for some VERY exciting research purposes, I was wondering if any SC fans living in the EU can tell me their favourite regional gaming blogs and sites...for if you're French, what's the French gaming site or blog you frequent, etc.

I can only repay you in the form of perhaps one day regaling you with the story of recording the dialogue for the SC2 end sequence...hah.


Arianna Reiche

If anyone’s wondering, here is the definition of “regaling”:

regaling –verb (used with object) 1. to entertain lavishly or agreeably; delight. 2. to entertain with choice food or drink. -

Since I live in Canada, I can’t contribute to her research.  If there are any fans out there who has the time to post their favorite gaming sites, feel free to reply to Arianna’s post to contribute to her “exciting research”.

The main reason why I’m mentioning this is because it’s not every day we get some kind of opportunity to hear from someone with a direct connection to Star Control.  It would be great to read new “behind the scenes” information behind Star Control II.  Arianna’s brother, Devin, provided the voices of one of the grandchildren during the final scene.  It makes me wonder where those voice actors are now apart from the ones who are working at Toys for Bob.

A few months ago, Arianna has made answered a question regarding the other voice actors for Star Control II:

Another question: I'd imagine that the SC2 developing group was pretty close‐knit. Maybe I'm wrong. Did you, or your family, have much contact with the other voice actors in the game? If so, were some of them as strange as the characters they portray?

Again, I was pretty dang young for most of the production of SC2 so this is all based on what I've heard from dad Fred etc about the production, but most of the voice actors were actually developers (obviously dad was a few characters) and their friends. I think close‐knit doesn't even cover it; the whole production was based around trusted workers and friends and, of course, family members.
‐ Arianna Reiche

Arianna is a contributor to Vice Magazine a magazine geared towards independent and youth culture.  She also has her own blog and even her own Twitter page.

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