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Eth's last preview

On September 4, Eth (Ethan Fleischer) posted his final preview frame and told everyone on SCDB that his comic would launch in a week.  Tomorrow, it will be one week, so hopefully we should see some more updates sometime soon.

Although I have no idea what the plot will be for this comic, I’ll post some observations that readers may find interesting:

  • Different races boarding each other ships.  For example, an Umgah on a VUX Intruder.
  • There is an image of an Ilwrath throwing a dead Spathi into a furnace with an Umgah shouting "WAIT!"  Could it be a Druuge Mauler furnace?
  • There is an image of a human talking to a Spathi wearing a red cap.  The comic involves humans other than The Captain?  Maybe an encounter with the The Safe Ones (Spathi High Council)?
  • What is the green Ur-Quan holding in the first picture?  Could it be an excruciator, a device that would cause the Dnyarri great pain to prevent them from controlling their minds?
  • When the Ilwrath says "Is this passing strange", what is he talking about?  What happened to the Umgah's face?  Who went through the door on the right?

I love seeing Star Control art and I can’t wait to see the comic in its complete form.  In addition to drawing, Eth also has experience in animation.  He has a Star Control website titled “Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict”.  It contains screenshots from other ports of the first Star Control with a plot written by Eth from the perspective of an Earth historian named Eth Erasmus Blackthorne.

I can’t wait to see more.  Thanks Eth for taking the time to share your comic with the world.

It’s Coming…
Famous Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict

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